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The founder of WeschTools started a modest collision shop in 1984. His focus was to grow his company while delivering a quality job at a fair price.

As the transition of vehicles from full frame to a unitized system occurred, the hand tools and equipment required to make the repairs were forced to become revolutionized. The WeschTools founder always looked for a better, more proficient way to accomplish a repair and theorized ideas in which to do so. His ideas became sketches, drawings and eventually prototypes for which he introduced to the world.

Car Body Repair Clamps, Chains, Hooks & more

Today, Wesch auto body repair clamps, chains, hooks and other frame straightening equipment are all available online here at CollisionClamps.com.  The old, inefficient process of distributing these high-quality car body repair tools created a long line of price mark-ups and added costs, all passed along to the consumer.

At CollisionClamps.com, we at WeschTools eliminate the path of additional costs and unnecessary mark ups by selling and delivering the highest quality auto body repair tools and equipment directly to the consumer. By doing so, we can offer you the top tools, clamps and accessories in the autobody repair industry at huge discounts to save you money.

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